At the beginning of lockdown March 2020 we decided to fit our gym out for workouts at home and needed some blocks to assist with deadlift performance. We decided to make our very first paid of dead lift blocks and found friends and family asking for their very own pair too. So we soon decided to share our product with the local community, selling our blocks though social media.
Fast forward to the 2nd lockdown and we've decided to take our product online with FREE DELIVERY across the UK.
trips to the local recycled wood yard
Happy Clients happily deadlifting
Cuts on the Mitre Saw

thanks to our clients


The blocks are great for deadlifting anywhere I workout and without the need for bumper plates when they aren’t available to me. No damage to the floor either! Perfect. 

I use these blocks pretty much every time I deadlift now, they are the perfect height that you still get the most valuable part of the deadlift without ruining your lower back at the bottom by breaking form. Can’t recommend enough!

The blocks from deadlift king are awesome, they can handle heavy weights, they’re stylish, lightweight and would be easy to travel around with you! 5 stars!