Dead Lift Blocks

From OUr clients

No Bumper plates dead lifts

The blocks are great for deadlifting anywhere I workout and without the need for bumper plates when they aren’t available to me. No damage to the floor either! Perfect. 

I use these blocks pretty much every time I deadlift now, they are the perfect height that you still get the most valuable part of the deadlift without ruining your lower back at the bottom by breaking form. Can’t recommend enough!


The blocks from deadlift king are awesome, they can handle heavy weights, they’re stylish, lightweight and would be easy to travel around with you! 5 stars!


we've answered a few of our most commonly asked questions

What size are the deadlift platforms? 

Measuring around 36cm x 24cm x 6.5cm for our regular height blocks or 36cm x 24cm x 4.6cm for the small blocks. We found this to be the perfect size for bumper plates and a good height to give you that relief. 

How much weight can they take?

As much as you can lift (within reason). So far we’ve taken the blocks up to 150kg.
Made out of strong plywood, if treated with care, we expect they’ll be safe to use with more weight too. 

what exercises can i do with the dead lift blocks?

A small platform goes a long way whether you’re in a fully equipped gym or working out from home.
Get a deeper squat with kettlebells, try a raised press up, keep the weight off your hips between hip thrusts, variations of deadlifts, step-ups, clean and jerk, the list goes on.

whats included with the deadlift blocks?

You’ll receive a pair of quality made blocks made from reclaimed wood from our local yard. The base is made from plywood making them exceptionally strong and have raised sides to prevent rolling (designs may differ).
To reduce noise and bounce we top the platforms with foam matting. They are lightly sanded and finished with a hardwearing wood paint in a stylish charcoal grey to give you a high-quality look. 

Can i collect the blocks?

We’re located 20 minutes away from Brighton. Please drop us an email to arrange collection if this if your preference

How long is delivery?

On receiving your order, we’ll get the blocks to the delivery guys within 48 hours.
Delivery can be up to 4 working days from that point. 

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